saving trees + fighting for Climate Justice together

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we believe...

Everyone Deserves Tree Equity.
Tree equity is cooling shade, carbon removal, clean air and urban nature for everyone: rich or poor, owner or renter, young or old.
Tree Equity is Climate Justice.
Seattle’s most deforested neighborhoods are also where trees are being cut the fastest. Trees provide respite from urban heat islands; access to shade-giving, air-cleaning trees is a climate justice issue.
The Future is Housing + Tree Equity for All.
Housing versus trees is a false dichotomy of the old way of unintelligent planning and short term profits for the few. We reject this limited thinking and embrace housing and tree equity for all.

why take action?

350+ Trees
are lost per month, on average, in Seattle
255 acres
of urban forest was lost between 2016–2021
According to Tree Action Seattle's analysis using data from Seattle's Permit and Property Records and the 2021 Seattle Tree Canopy Assessment.
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Our Story Starts with...

Luma, the Wedgwood Western Red Cedar.

In July 2023, a group of community members started gathering to give thanks to old growth trees slated for removal by Legacy Group Capital, one of many developers that see our urban forest as an obstacle to quick personal profit.

One gathering turned into a cascade of actions that saved Luma and united families all over the city in our shared fight against climate catastrophe.

As climate change heats our cities and burns our land, our community is uniting to save our urban forests in Seattle and beyond.